Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The TDCs Math Protocol

The electrode placements for the math protocol are illustrated in a previous post. For this protocol I will be using Vedic Math software.
Vedic Math is a very detailed Indian system of mental calculation. A wonderful skill if you are interested in mathematics. I will be doing basic arithmetic problems initially but with vedic math that means adding very substantial figures rapidly in ones mind.

I will brush up on my technique first then perform the TDCs protocol for 20 minutes.
For this session I will shave my head - which is largely bald anyway.
There are many sources for Vedic Math software and I did an extensive search some time ago. 

A Mental Math trainer you can download is available here

There are other superior applications also but the above will suffice for most people initially.
I dont recommend you do this using normal math techniques - its a waste of time. Best to take advantage of the TDCs to learn advanced mental arithmetic methods.

A better online trainer that is specifically for Vedic Techniques:

Once you get a taste for mental calculation it becomes very rewarding.

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