Tuesday, 17 July 2012

My first TDCs session went fine

My first session went fine - I did the working memory protocol
Subjectively it worked initially very well but them my WM session went to custard
I used the N-Back software off sourceforge Brain Workshop
Really the second half went like a normal session - at first I stomped through 4 levels though - easier than normal.
What was different and important ...
I am an artist and can have a very lucid imagination - well all night I could not sleep - I had 3D images flashing through my mind all night - It actually becomes a pain in the ass if they are not of stuff you want to see but its always a buzz to have vivid visualizations.
So I will do the Working memory session again tonight - tomorrow I will do maths.
I am using the curve of forgetting to determine reinforcement dates.
After that I will try visual stimulation & tinnitus protocols

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