Friday, 20 July 2012

Subjective Observations After Three Sessions

 I will need to do 10 - 20 different protocols over an extended period of time - maybe 4x each or more. I am using the curve of forgetting so I do 2 consecutive days then 7 days and a month later per protocol.
I would expect this to give a noticeable result. Doing a couple of protocols once or twice wont achieve much.
So far I have done 2 working memory sessions and a maths session. 
Today I feel that something has perhaps changed. An event happened that would normally make me very stressed & angry. But it didn't. I remained calm and thoughtful. Rather than worrying I calmly considered my options without negative emotion.
Was this linked to the TDCs ? I don't know but it was not how I would normally respond to the event.

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