Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Electrode effects on second session

An interesting session tonight - first up it seems to work. My N-Back score while not out of the ball park is much easier and faster to progress. There is no doubt of that.  I don't know if its placebo. Plenty of other people have done studies that prove it is not.

What was interesting tonight is the electrodes. I am bald on the front and have very short hair so I wont need foam electrodes - I am using disposable ECG electrodes.

Tonight I shaved the fine hair from the left hemisphere electrode position.  As soon as I switched the device on there was a mild tingly sting at the electrode site.

I was stingy and used one of yesterdays electrodes for the position above my right eye. It had a tiny tear and part way through the session I felt my nerve above my eye in the forehead. At the same time there was a white flash in my right eye. This happened several times and I removed the old electrode and replaced it with a new one.

No harm done but very interesting. I will use fresh electrodes and shave the sites for every session now.

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