Monday, 23 July 2012

Session 5 - Further electrode problems above right eye

This was my seventh day reinforcement of the "working memory" protocol. Again I had an issue with the electrode above my right eye. This nerve is sensitive because of a dental abscess in my right upper molar.

Again I could feel a mild but sharp pain in the nerve and see a white flash in my right eye. I removed the electrode and placed a new one slightly to the left by a few mm which resolved the problem.

This time it also happened immediately when I started the device which strongly suggests I need to build a better circuit with current ramping to avoid any micro trauma to the nerves involved.

I will look into that.

So this was an initial distraction. Apart from that the session seemed to go OK. I have seemed to notice an improvement in my cognition over all during the last couple of days but perhaps it is placebo.

Here are photos of the electrode placement...

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