Saturday, 28 July 2012

Kewl new TDCs device plans

I have the most basic device - 2 resistors, a regulator & a battery. But has discovered a nice little circuit with ramping (via a potentiometer) and an analog meter.

I would prefer auto ramping with on/off and a digital meter but for now I will build this new circuit.

I will build this as an intermediate device until I design a proper digital one with a micro controller.


  1. Great progress. I would like to speak to you via email. I would like to test your TDCs device on myself while at the piano. I am a musician. I am curious to see the effect on my learning ability as well as on my creativity. I will build the device, but could use some direction. Please email me.

  2. ryan,
    what parts of your brain would you plan to stimulate (and with what relative charge)

  3. Shouldn't the ammeter be after the LM 334 and resistors?

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