Monday, 6 August 2012

TDCs Visualization Training

I have had a break from TDCs for a few days. My next protocol to try will be for the visual system - in particular visualisation in the minds eye & eidetic memory. I am an artist and have very vivid visual imagery if uncontrolled quite often. I also have flashes of eidetic memory.

Eidetic memory is not some genetic gift of savants as the western media portrays it. In Japan children are trained in Eidetic memorisation methods at special schools. 

In Germany advanced Autogenic Therapy trains the minds eye to visualise with extreme precision & clarity. Most of the schools of meditation also train visualisation. Deep trance Hypnosis can induce vivid sensory experiences in a post trance.

What's more every night you enter the realm of an inner perceptual environment when dreaming.

So essentially we have been trained "not" to have an imagination, which is kind of like being trained not to walk. Human culture is an odd thing.

In France in the last century there was a famous art teacher Horace Lecoq de Boisbaudran, he trained Rodin and dozens of famous French artists.

His method was based upon drawing, and painting from memory. All pupils were forbidden from using direct vision or any physical likeness to reproduce a subject. After the initial visual familiarisation it had to be done entirely from memory.

The interesting point is that all of his pupils developed Eidetic Memory within six month of gruelling training. Not just memory but a vivid imagination also.

Now today this is largely neglected by the lazy masses thanks to TV & camera's. So without the proper mental stimulation we lose our inner world.

Neuroscientists have discovered that the principle behind the phenomena is neuroplasticity. The very basis of TDCs. 

De Boisbaudran, by forbidding the use of physical props or scenes was "constraining" that part of the nervous system. The brain adapted by reinforcing the neurons and brain centres that are the basis of visualisation. After a period of intense training the students brains adapted to the extent that they had Eidetic Memory & a fully functioning imagination.

Eventually I would like to train my self to do the same. In a day or two I will try TDCs to stimulate visual memory and imagery.

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