Monday, 13 August 2012

In the flow on working memory training today

Today I did another working memory N-Back training session. Definitely more in the flow than normal. Making less conscious effort to recall selections. Did have an issue with humidity & sweat causing an electrode to fall off at first.


  1. I research kids with Downs and have witnessed the savant abilities of some participants. It is particularly intersting that a significant number of the "savant" participants have a relative with a high IQ comparable to MENSA standards

  2. That is interesting - but say 1:100 is within MENSA range. Then at least 1:5 people have a relative in MENSA range.

    I'm in MENSA range (around 140) but my older brother is well above entry MENSA level (160). Most of my family is fairly normal IQ.

    I also find my IQ varies considerably between 125-140 or so depending on my mood and attitude. I have not tested it in many years.

    Savant abilities are fascinating. But I feel that many people more clever people have these abilities that are not savant. Its just more unusual when a person considered as below average intelligence has outstanding ability.

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