Saturday, 24 March 2018

tDCS revisited

It was five years ago that I experimented with tDCS and at that time the protocols were very sketchy.
This represents a risk with tDCS as you may enhance one skillset but accidentally negate another.

So at the time I decided to use safe & proven CES as a neuro enhancer instead and made a machine which I have used for the last 5 years.

But there has been such vast progress with tDCS that I will now revisit this technology beginning with a delve into current protocol knowledge.

Following that I will examine all research using tDCS pertinent to cognitive enhancement.

Finally I will perform some experimentation once again.


  1. There's a group of ~3,000 people on Facebook who lack the ability to see mental images (aphantasia). Though most are are happy with the way their brains work, all will be very interested to hear of your research and experiments and look forward to your blogs.

  2. tDCS montage

    See Brain Maps below that indicate where the electrodes were placed in independent studies. These are known as “Montages”.     Target Behavior / Uses   Anode (+

    to get more -