Tuesday, 23 October 2012

TDCs for Calculus exam

I have deliberately taken a break from TDCs for over a month - I dont want to become dependent upon it or do any harm.

I have a calculus exam coming up November the 3rd however so will do 2-3 math protocol sessions prior to the exam.

Heck I may even do one the morning of the exam before I leave home - why not.

Wish me luck.


  1. Hey can you possible build me a device i dont have much cash or help me build one

  2. These things cost about $10 to build - seriously

  3. Hello.

    I'm going to make my own device. (maybe following your plans)
    But I'm looking for "homemade results" to determine if DIY devices are really like these used in medical studies.

    Moreover, I have much hairs, and I don't know if the size of electrods is important (I could make very small electrods and then pass it through my hairs).

    Alternative could be TMS. (but different usage, because apparently, it can "cause" neuronal fire)

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